17 Dec
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Stationeers celebrates 25 years!

The Stationeers program turned 25 years old this year and has grown to include over 50 active groups.

From 2019 to 2020, over 5100 volunteer hours were logged by the Stationeers program across groups in Dennis, Brunswick, Avenel and throughout regional Victoria.

More projects were started this year with the assistance of Metro Trains Melbourne, who created a grants program to assist Metropolitan Melbourne groups with their projects. Some of these grants were used to purchase plants, mulch, material for retaining walls and purchase new soil to help beautify Victoria’s stations. More work on these projects will begin as COVID-19 related restrictions continue to ease.

During the lockdowns associated with COVID-19, KVB took several steps to keep stationeers engaged.

Volunteers were engaged through safe, at-home activities such as receiving and planting a KVB seed care package. This provided volunteers with a safe activity to complete in the comfort of their own homes whilst in lockdown.

The seeds were also endemic to the area, which ensured the restoration of biodiversity.

KVB has also strengthened communication frameworks with volunteers using social media. The successful creation of a Stationeers Facebook page has given the volunteers a platform to communicate and share their stories. Since its inception, it has had steady growth and engagement from the volunteers.

KVB also has the responsibility of sharing one good news story a month on the platform.