15 Mar
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Plastic – not that fantastic

Did you know? Plastic pollution is predicted to double by 2030. But there are some who are taking up the challenge to reduce, reuse and avoid.
Hobart was recently the first Australian capital to unanimously ban single use plastics, phasing them out by 2020. Considering the alarming report on plastic pollution just released by WWF, this ban comes as great news.
According to the report, “about 40 per cent of plastics we consume today are single-use — things like cutlery, plates, food containers, electronics packaging”. This means that on average, every one of us uses 53 kilograms of plastic a year and generates a collective total of more than 300 million tonnes of plastic waste.
Many Australian business models heavily rely on single use plastics because of the useful qualities and low price of the product. As a result, plastic pollution comes at a cost that is not carried by all stakeholders that are profiting from plastic production and usage.
The graph shows that over 50 per cent of plastic produced has a lifetime below three years and packaging is the main culprit!

Easiest Ways to Tackle Reducing Your Plastic Footprint

  • Follow a plastic free champion. They can give you some incredible tips on how to transition easily at your own pace. Visit Plastic Free Mermaid or The Plastic Runner to learn more.
  • Wean yourself off disposable plastics.
  • Stop buying water.
  • Cook more using produce or products without plastic.
  • Purchase items secondhand.
  • Recycle. For more hints visit the Mend It, Australia Instagrampage or their Facebook page
  • Buy in bulk.
  • Put pressure on manufacturers.

Some Australian businesses and authorities are taking this really seriously and as consumers our demand can help solve this problem. By increasing our awareness as consumers, Australians can realise the full impacts of these wasteful business models and drive change for the better.
Being a more aware consumer is a daunting task at first! But we have some guides to help you out. Check out our news article on giving the gift of sustainability which has some go to businesses you can use your hard-earned dollars to drive some change.
Remember everything starts somewhere and every little bit counts! So, do what you can to help Keep Victoria Beautiful and let’s help protect our beautiful lifestyle.