18 Feb
  • By Sylwia
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Over 1000 volunteers take the Adopt A Roadside journey

The important KVB Adopt a Roadside program continues to provide a valuable service to rural Victoria, and the environment in general, with our community volunteers removing litter from roadside across the State.

This VicRoads program enables volunteers to safely work on approved rural roads.

Following last year’s restrictions, there are now 140 active groups across the State returning to the roadside.

Based on the reports that we receive and our discussions with groups, there are over 1000 community volunteers involved each year who “donate” more than 6500 hours each year to keep our roadsides as clean as possible.

We do not ask groups to weigh or measure what they collect, but our very conservative estimate is that at least 72 tonnes of litter is removed from roadsides each year. We loathe to think what the real volume of litter collected would be, if it was measured.

The groups are covering 770 kilometres of roads across the State. To put it into a perspective, driving from Orbost to Portland would not cover all the roads that are being cared for by the Adopt a Roadside volunteers.

As much as we would like to say that the Adopt a Roadside program is not needed, the indifference to roadside litter displayed by some citizens assures that the program will continue for many years.