Sustainable Communities - Tidy Towns Awards 2021
Heritage & Culture Finalists

Saving the VRI
The Dimboola VRI is a remarkable story of saving the Dimboola VRI Hall after it was set for demolition.

A group of railway workers resurrected the Dimboola VRI and following negotiations driven by the VRI head office, the hall was returned to the Branch.

Since then, the members cleaned up the hall, which is now being used for institute functions, and is hired out for community use.

The funds for restoration were raised through golf days, fishing competitions, family days and in-kind support from the local hardware store.


Friends of Stanley Athenaeum, STANLEY
Hearts of Gold and Minds of Mettle
Stanley Athenaeum celebrated International Women’s Day with the book launch of Hearts of Gold and Minds of MettleNineteenth Century Women of Stanley, at the Soldiers Memorial Hall which drew a crowd of approximately 150 people.

Research uncovered that more than 100 women who were born in the 1800s and had spent most of their lives in the district, had never been written in local history. Researchers discovered recorded history but found that the women were effectively invisible as they were only acknowledged through their husband’s or father’s names.

The project encompassed many hours of research, with the book bridging gaps of missing information of the women, finally identifying the contribution and legacy to the community.


Mologa and District Landcare Group Inc, PYRAMID HILL
Restored Mologa WW1 Memorial for Community
The WWI Memorial at Mologa was run down and overgrown.

In 2003, it was suggested to move the old war memorials to new suburbs of Melbourne. The community rallied, saving the memorial.

In 2009, the group began devising a plan how to beautify the area, deciding to resurrect the memorial to once more hold ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day ceremonies.

The group began with levelling the land around the memorial to enable older community members with walkers and wheelchairs have access.

Trees were planted and plaques commemorating each soldier were placed in front of tree.

Additionally, two books – Faces to Names and 100 Years WWI Memorial at Mologa, Victoria – have been written.


Horsham Rural City Council, HORSHAM
Horsham Botanic Gardens- English Elms
Horsham Botanic Gardens, established in 1873, feature the ongoing maintenance and protection of a plantation of English Elm Trees planted as part of the 1883/1890 masterplan by William Guilfoyle.

The current Gardens staff have undertaken a proactive program on the Historic Elm trees, to reduce the canopy, remove dead wood and to establish a preservation watering application program.

As a result of the ongoing care by eight successive curators and Horsham Council staff, eight of the eleven original Guilfoyle plantings are still a feature of the Gardens.

The Gardens are now a regular venue for weddings, school excursions, the annual Horsham Garden Show and always offering botanical information/examples for study/research.


Mt Martha Bowls and Petanque Club, MT MARTHA
Merging and Conserving our Clubs Culture

The project commenced in 2021 where a deteriorating, unused bowling green was converted into a centre for excellence for pentaque on the Mornington Peninsula that offered a Boulodrome of national and international standards.

The massive project involved excavation of the unused bowling green with over 500 tonnes of gravel used to build the terrain. Care for the natural environment was paramount, as well as the use of existing draining.

The newly merged clubs – Mt Martha Bowls and Pentaque Club and the Boulodrome – were launched on 12 March 2021. The following week, a highly successful Victorian tournament of 28 teams was held.

The new club has now strengthened membership with over 300 members participating in both recreational sports.


Overall 2021 Tidy Town Finalists

  • Beechworth
  • Crib Point
  • Dartmoor
  • Dimboola
  • Hastings
  • Horsham
  • Little River
  • Mt Martha
  • Poowong