Sustainable Cities Awards 2021
Indigenous Finalists

3KnD Kool N Deadly Radio
Keeping Community Connected
3KnD has been operating for 18 years serving the aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities of Metro Melbourne and beyond, being the only licensed Aboriginal community media in the state.

During the last 18 months they have become a vital link in keeping their community connected with each other, their families and public with culturally appropriate messages to keep individuals informed, safe and healthy.

They ensured accurate and timely messages relating to restrictions, services and staying sane during the lockdowns. For some of the listeners having a familiar voice talking to them not at them, playing music and having interviews with countrymen about their experience, activities and cultural connection kept them from despair.

Many called the station to say how much they appreciated having “our” music – Indigenous music from around Australia – playing to keep them connected with culture and languages.


NATIF – Australian Native Super Foods
The Native Food Revolution – NATIF creates, nurtures & educates!
NATIF is a Social Enterprise established in 2015 by Julie Merlet, Food Nutritionist, with a holistic approach to environment, food security, education and community engagement, and a passion to promote the growth of the Australian Native Food Industry.

Working directly with Indigenous communities to help them establish food volume and consumers, growing into the future, NATIF raises awareness by providing information, speaking at community events and schools, and collaborating with the food and beverage industry.

Sourcing directly from growers, NATIF’s native foods are freeze dried in a local HACCP facility, and some products are packed by a Melbourne company that employs disabled people thus helping local jobs, community and the disabled sector. Our packaging is food grade, eco-friendly, and reuse and recycling is encouraged.

NATIF values the importance of evidence based, traditional information, where foods originate, processing methods, ethics/rights of Indigenous local people, and work with the University of Queensland testing and establishing the nutritional profiles/benefits of these amazing Superfoods. NATIF donates a percentage of income to Children’s Ground, ReForest Now, Wildlife Victoria.


Creative Communities
Balit Bagurrk: Strong women of the Yarra Ranges
Balit Bagurrk: Strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women of the Yarra Ranges was a community-defined publication project led by Wurundjeri woman Samantha Piper with support from an all-Indigenous and all-female project advisory group.

This leadership approach engendered trust from participants, fostered greater engagement and ensured the women represented in the book had control over their narratives.

The project invited community to submit creative dedications to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women with a connection to the Yarra Ranges region, which were compiled in a book to capture these important stories.

Building on the NAIDOC theme, ‘Because of Her We Can’, Balit Bagurrk sought to celebrate local women leaders and the many other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women across the Yarra Ranges who have contributed to and helped to shape the community.

The book was launched at an event featuring local women, Elders and community dedications on International Women’s Day and has been distributed in local bookshops and cultural venues.

Overall 2021 Sustainable City Finalists

  • Greater Geelog
  • Yarra Rangers