Tidy Towns 2017 

You don’t have to be nominated to enter the awards. Entering is as simple as deciding that you have a project or initiative that you want to share and submit an entry. The awards open on Wednesday 31 May 2017 and close on 18 July 2017.

Why enter?
Entering the awards has many benefits, including increased community participation and pride, ownership of and responsibility for local environments. Association with the KVB awards provides the opportunity to promote the good work being carried out in your community and an opportunity for local media interest.

Who can get involved?
These awards are open to communities, schools, businesses and councils in regional council areas. 

Anyone may enter a project or initiative, including individuals, community and groups e.g. Landcare, ‘Friends Of’ groups, committees and service clubs, council staff. Local youth and school groups from kindergarten to secondary school including junior Landcare and environmental groups, Scout and sporting clubs, are all encouraged to enter their projects.

Does it cost anything?
Community organisations, not for profits and schools do not pay a fee to enter our awards program if their councils are KVB members. Councils can become KVB members at any time throughout the year. Councils membership provides ongoing invaluable support for our programs. For further information on fees please contact Cat Morgan.

What to enter?
There are a range of award categories and new and innovative ideas are encouraged. Initiatives entered should have taken place in the past two years and entry examples include:

  • civic, cultural and environmental activities
  • development and enhancement of community facilities and amenity
  • school’s environmental programs and initiatives
  • enhancing sustainability of local environments
  • litter prevention, recycling programs and community clean up initiatives
  • protection of the natural environment

There is no limit to the number of initiatives you can enter.

For more examples of the type of initiatives to enter, see Award Category Criteria below

What are we looking for?
The following criteria should be demonstrated in your online initiative description. A KVB judge will visit each entrant who has successfully completed their entries.

Instigation – What were the objectives, how and why did the initiative come about?

Management – Who the initiative has been managed by and what challenges were faced and overcome?

Partnerships – Has there been successful collaboration between groups, and industry or government. What community participation and engagement took place?

Awareness – How the community has been kept informed and what the community has learnt about the project or the aims?

Outcome – What the community and environmental benefit/s are and the overall outcome?

Ongoing – Is there ongoing commitment to maintain or expand the initiative?

How to enter in 2018

  1. Review the award categories.
  2. Decide which category or categories your project or initiative best suits.
  3. Start your online entry and submit by the entries close date*.

If you have any questions regarding the entry process, please contact us and we can work through them with you

Liz Isler: lisler@kvb.org.au
Gary Mogford: gmogford@kvb.org.au

Ensure you register at the bottom of this page to receive updates on key information.

*Please note that, the closing dates for 2018 application will be announced shortly.