30 Mar
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Changes to all programs during COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus has taken most of us by surprise both with the nature of the virus but more so in relation to how we all need to reimagine how we continue to deliver our normal day to day operations. KVB is no exception.
It is important to note that in these uncertain times, our organisation will be implementing the most appropriate measures to minimise the risks of exposure and spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please follow these measures and regularly check updated information from the Department of Human Health and Services here.

Sustainable Cities and Communities
In efforts to keep communities and judges safe and healthy we have decided that face-to-face judging will no longer take place for this year.
We will be doing all judging through video calls on Skype/Zoom to ensure everyone’s safety.
Any other changes to this year’s awards due to COVID-19 will be communicated with everyone as necessary.

We have received feedback from officers that the evolving changes in organisational policies may prevent them from carrying out their role or require large changes to continue.
To keep our members safe, the Litter Enforcement Officers Network (LEON) has decided to postpone upcoming events until online delivery is available. We are grateful for all of the interest in upcoming events and assure these delays will be minimal. All members will receive more information regarding changes to events in the coming days.

Stationeers and Adopt a Roadside 
We are still managing the Adopt a Roadside program and we will be happy to discuss potential new groups.
Our existing volunteer groups, however, are currently not able to complete working bees due to the COVID 19 restrictions.
We are also exploring other avenues of providing information and regular communication options in addition to the regular meetings I referred to above. The hope is that this will give the opportunity for groups to see what other groups are doing via a sharing platform.