About Us

Who we are

Keep Victoria Beautiful is one of Australia’s oldest environmental groups with a rich history in community reward and recognition.
For the past few years, we’ve been under the benevolent wing of Sustainability Victoria.  Now we’re standing tall, independent, the champion of community action and litter prevention.
We organise the most sought-after awards for recognising and inspiring community leadership and action. The universally known and long standing Tidy Towns – Sustainable Communities and its metropolitan cousin Sustainable Cities have had thousands of entrants over the years.
Our Stationeers program delivers the beautification of railway stations, through strong community action in partnerships with Metro, Vic Track, PTV and V Line. We boost the many groups who make our roadsides brighter through the Adopt a Roadside program, working with Vic Roads.
We will continue over 50 years of Dame Phyllis Frost inspired action helping Victorians face our most pressing environmental programs.

Our Team

Sabina Wills


I have worked in the environmental field for almost thirty years starting in sewers and working through landfills and recycling. I joined the KVB team in 2016 and have loved being part of our vibrant and passionate team.
My role is to build networks and partnerships which support and improve the ability of KVB to deliver our programs. My background is in project management, customer service, data and communication skills, solid waste minimisation and survey design and analysis.
I love where I live and am always keen to find out more – currently I’m trying to identify which scats belong
to owls. I am addicted to tea and currently my drink of choice is lemon and ginger flavour. Give me bell to chat about KVB. I am always up for a cup of tea!
e: sabina.wills@kvb.org.au

Catriona Morgan

Project Manager

At Keep Victoria Beautiful I manage some of our incredible programs. At the moment I am leading our exciting new urban biodiversity project. I am passionate about many causes but what really drives me is any opportunity to create positive and meaningful impact. My friends describe me as a ‘social butterfly’ which is a nice way of saying I talk A LOT.  I like to dabble in lots of different projects but generally I get involved with collaborative, game changing and inspiring organisations. So, Keep Victoria Beautiful is the perfect fit!
I have worked as a legal practitioner and in the not for profit sector for over a decade.
e: cmorgan@kvb.org.au

Gary Mogford

Program Manager

I have worked at KVB for ten years and still love my job. I manage our Stationeer and Adopt A Roadside programs which means I spend a lot of time on the road visiting our amazing volunteers in Victoria. I am passionate about community action and litter prevention I love visiting all our groups but I particularly love visiting Victoria’s wine regions.
Please contact me to speak to me about our programs. We always looking for more groups and volunteers.
e: gmogford@kvb.org.au

Sophie Spence

Communications Officer 

I’m an enthusiastic coffee-lover and enjoy having a good chat. I’m currently living in Fitzroy, the socially conscious and culture loving epicentre of Melbourne. In 2015 I found myself studying Public Relations at RMIT studying my minor in Policy and Economics. Approaching the end of my degree, I joined the KVB team as a communications intern. I’m your go-to girl for everything social, from Twitter to Instagram. My passions lie with contemporary political, social and environmental causes. KVB have provided me with the opportunity to get involved and help keep Victoria beautiful!
e: sspence@kvb.org.au

Elena Piakis


I’m a student at Melbourne University finishing my Arts degree, but have a passion for anything to do with ecology and conservation, and have a soft spot for marine science so I’ve been picking up marine subjects wherever I can. I’m also a major in art and spend lots of time sketching and painting. At KVB I’ll be assisting with the biodiversity project and I can’t wait to see Melbourne be transformed into a greener city.

Alex Cross

Research and Project Coordinator 

I have recently finished my time at university studying two courses, my first was an undergraduate in environmental science and secondly my masters in urban planning and environments. I’m passionate about environmental management. I will be working closely with Cat Morgan as a project coordinator, specifically on the urban biodiversity project. I’m a keen sportsperson and my passions lie with ball sports, particularly field hockey, golf and basketball.

Khoa Nguyen


I came from Vietnam to study a Master of Strategic Management at the University of Melbourne.I worked with Keep Victoria Beautiful in the summer of 2017 as a business consultant through the Melbourne Business Practicum program. Then, I started my internship with KVB’s passionate staff in March to help make Keep Victoria Beautiful. I will work with the team on their website, operations, strategy and communications.

Our Board

Cr Dick Gross AM

Peter Bollen

Kirsty Richards

Enzo Bruscella

 Carly Wickenton


Our History

Keep Victoria Beautiful

  • 2016 KVB receives Myer Foundation grant for urban biodiversity
  • 2015 KVB becomes independent from Sustainability Victoria on 1 July
  • 2009 KVB joins with Sustainability Victoria on 1 July
  • 2008 Keep Victoria Beautiful celebrates its 40th Anniversary – November
  • 2007 Tidy Towns VIC celebrates its 25th anniversary
  • 2005 Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria Gift Fund entered onto the Register of Environmental Organisations and receives endorsement as a deductible gift recipient
  • 2004 Sustainable Cities launched, replacing City Pride
  • 2004 Clean Beach Challenge launched
  • 1994 Stationeers – Right on Track program formed
  • 1992 City Pride program launched
  • 1982 Tidy Towns launched
  • 1972 Adopt a Highway commenced in Victoria
  • 1968  15th November, Dame Phyllis becomes the first chair of Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria
  • 1968 Early focus on litter prevention, reduction & beautification throughout Victoria
  • 1968 Established by Dame Phyllis Frost AC, DBE, DSocSC (Hon)
  • 1965  The State Wide Civic Pride program begins in Victoria,  a forerunner to Tidy Towns
  • 1963 The National Council of Women of Victoria, Dame Phyllis starts a committee to conduct an anti litter campaign in Victoria in 1964

Our Impact

Over 560 kilometers of Victorian Roads looks after each year

Thousands of volunteers working tirelessly around the state to make it cleaner and more beautiful

Over 53 stations around Victoria are cleaned and maintained by over one thousand volunteers each year

Hundreds of community development projects initiated each year which are judged and rewarded in the Regional Tidy Town competitions

Hundreds of community projects judged and rewarded in the metropolitan Sustainable Cities competition each year 

Removing over 69 tonnes of rubbish and litter from roadsides annually