2023 Tidy Towns & Cities Finalists:

Heritage & Culture

Beechworth – Indigo Shire

The People of Beechworth exhibition showcases ten modern community members through life-sized photographic portraits and their stories on interpretation panels, connected to historical themes. It links residents with the town’s past, emphasising community and history’s creation. The Burke Museum underwent a full refit for this exhibit, transforming it into a contemporary and engaging experience. Age-appropriate exploration drawers with characterful animals cater to young visitors.

Violet Town – Strathbogie Shire

The project at the Southern Aurora Memorial Garden in Violet Town enhanced history telling through art and design, featuring award-winning murals, an entrance arch, and information boards. The murals depict scenes from the 1969 accident, focusing on human aspects and acts of compassion. The project aims to increase garden visitation, educate about community involvement in the rescue, and boost the local economy by attracting travelers to nearby businesses.

Beechworth – Indigo Shire

The Beechworth Lions Club project aims to establish a disability-friendly community hub with meeting rooms, kitchen, and outdoor space. It will facilitate small group gatherings, classes, and information sessions, strengthening individual and community resilience. The project collaborates with Beechworth Correctional Centre’s Community Work Teams, providing inmates skill development and socialisation opportunities before reintegration into society. This inclusive initiative addresses the community’s lack of such a space and much-needed strengthening and resilience programs.